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A “work zone” is an area of roadway associated with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. Work zones are typically marked by signs, channeling devices, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. Because they are often adjacent to active roadways, work zone workers are exposed to significant risks. Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians can also face significant risks. Roadways and work activities differ, and weather, traffic volumes, and local environments also vary, so a “one size fits all” approach to work zone safety is not appropriate. However, there are policies, procedures, and guidelines which do apply to all. These are covered in this course. 

Topics Covered:

  • Define the term “work zone”
  • List hazardous conditions that work zones can present
  • Describe the components of a “Transportation Management Plan,” which can include a “Temporary Traffic Control” plan, “Transportation Operations” plan, and “Public Information” plan
  • Describe the purpose and contents of the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices”
  • Identify and describe “positive protection devices,” “exposure control measures,” and “other traffic control measures”
  • Identify the four areas of a work zone
  • Describe the elements of an “Internal Traffic Control Plan” for a work zone
  • List safe behaviors to use when driving in or around work zones

Based on:

  • Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule, 23 CFR § 630.1002-1016 (2015)
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), 23 CFR § 655.603 (2015)

31 Minutes (19 min. video + 12 min. test)

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