Violence Prevention: Don't Be a Victim (2 Video Pack)

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The threat and reality of violence has greatly increased for young people, whose inexperience can make them easy targets. Without using scare tactics, and interweaving advice from safety experts and real teens' stories, this program offers specific strategies students can use to keep themselves from being a victim at school, on the street, or on the Internet. 

Highlights a training session in which students learn to recognize and avoid a variety of dangerous situations. Experts on safety techniques offer specific strategies to help students know what to do in order to stay safe and take care of themselves. Real teens who have been victimized and survived also tell their stories. 

Students learn what to do in school when faced with fights or threats; to be aware of their surroundings on the street; to avoid becoming the potential target of an attacker; to develop a "what-to-do" plan to get out of a dangerous situation safely; and how to avoid becoming the victim of a potential predator online.

Media Type: DVD + CD Guide
Run Time: 22 minutes
Grade Level: 7-12

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