Understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Booklets/25 Pack

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Simply stated the purpose of GHS is to provide a universal approach to classifying and labeling of hazardous chemicals.

GHS was designed to ensure that employees can identify and understand hazardous chemical substances in the workplace no matter where that workplace is located. It also gives a world wide recognized set of symbols and regulations reducing the risk of misunderstanding and accidents.

The purpose of MSDS and SDS is the same, but there are differences. Namely:

  • How information is organized
  • What information is included
  • The degree of detail presented
  • The number of sections and content in each

SDS will give you access to more complete information about the chemicals you use. This means you’ll be able to work more safely and protect your health.

Remember the change starts in 2012 and you must train all employees by December 2013. Every workplaces must have changed labeling and hazard communication programs inorder to be in compliance. You shouldn't wait to get start.

This new employee booklet gives you an easy to understand training material that you can hand out to your employees for self training or use to conduct formal training classes. It is a take away reference so your employees have at their finger tips the right answers to keep your company out of trouble! The quiz provides you a way to measure each employees understanding and documentation for OSHA should you ever need it.

Order a copy for each of your employees now!

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