Telephone Customer Service: Basic and Advanced CSR Skills DVD

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Set in a real-world call center, this telephone training video teaches the skills necessary for smooth, professional customer service over the phone. It shows the right way to make a good impression on customers, and how to handle all calls successfully.

The kind of service that customers receive over the phone is a good indication of how an organization is run. Too often, customer service representatives (CSR) are bogged down by distractions and misunderstandings, hearing what they want to hear and thinking about what they're going to say next. Being an effective listener is the first step toward customer satisfaction. 

Viewers learn ten valuable telephone customer service skills:

  1. Listening effectively.
  2. Extending common courtesy.
  3. Avoiding the wrong impression.
  4. Using the customer's language.
  5. Gathering customer information.
  6. Satisfying the angry customer.
  7. Managing technology.
  8. Writing effective email.
  9. Preparing a mental script.
  10. Closing the conversation.

Each of these telephone customer service skills is explained in detail, which makes it ideal for training—you can use the whole video all at once as an overview, or create training sessions based on just one or two of the skill sets at a time.

Being a customer service representative can be a tough job. The goal of a CSR is to demonstrate customer appreciation and leave everyone feeling fulfilled. By developing your phone reps' competencies, this program will help them become more effective with your customers while at the same time increasing their own job satisfaction and reducing burnout. 

Duration: 26 Minutes 

 Every employee watching this telephone training video will learn tips that will strengthen his or her ability to provide a high level of telephone customer service.

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