Straight Truck Solutions (6-Program Compilation) Video Training Programs

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Shows straight truck drivers the critical skills they need to safely perform their jobs.

Straight Truck Solutions: Vehicle Inspections has been updated to include the current regulations as of 12/18/14, which require drivers to complete pretrip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers must complete a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) after a post-trip inspection when vehicle defect(s) are found. Drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles must complete a DVIR whether or not vehicle defect(s) are found.

  • Includes 6 training programs all on one DVD:

    • Adverse Weather - Covers the key points of driving safely in heavy rain, snow, ice, fog, and wind. It also stresses the importance of pre-trip inspections and slowing down in poor conditions.
    • Backing & Parking - Reminds drivers of the importance of checking their blind spot before backing, using their mirrors, and turning their tires when parking on hills. It gives drivers practical tips for backing and parking their vehicles.
    • Defensive Driving - Reinforces key issues related to defensive driving including: visual scanning, stopping distances, road hazards, user hazards, and communicating with other motorists.
    • Loading & Unloading - Provides tips and guidelines for safe loading, securing, and unloading. It also discusses basic materials-handling equipment and explains how drivers can avoid injury through proper body mechanics.
    • Speed & Space Management - Covers the basic principles of speed and space management. It reminds drivers of the importance of using speed and space management techniques every time they get behind the wheel.
    • Vehicle Inspections - Does a vehicle "walk-around" showing the areas of the straight truck that need to be checked. Stresses the importance of pre-trip, post-trip, and on-the-road inspections.
  • Programs provide fast-paced refresher training on the unique challenges straight truck and van drivers face
  • Feature attention-grabbing footage and deliver important safety messages
  • Include real-world insight and perspective from experienced drivers
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
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