Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace — Employee Version (Video)

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Produced - 2015

What makes this new program unique is a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. Instead of explanations from on-screen narrators, first-hand reporting keeps the action moving and makes it personal. This helps viewers internalize the content and retain lasting impressions that stay with them long after the training is over. Filmed on location, realistic characters interact in seven dramatic stories:

  • Inappropriate talk in the bullpen makes it difficult for an office worker to concentrate on his job.
  • Images meant to be private are posted on social media to get revenge after a break-up.
  • Lunch hour at a medical center is disrupted by rude comments from an outside vendor.
  • A new employee is pressured to go out with a supervisor as part of her “training” in a manufacturing plant.
  • City government employees grapple with religious bias and resentment over coworkers who “don’t come from here.”
  • Sales reps at a convention center mistreat and exclude a colleague because he “doesn't fit in.”
  • A restaurant kitchen is the setting for borderline behavior that makes one coworker uncomfortable even though her peers are clearly enjoying themselves.

The consequences and potential harm caused by hostile environment and quid-pro-quo harassment are clearly explained. And viewers also learn about protected characteristics, third-party harassment, retaliation, and other forms of abusive behavior.

And while sexual and other forms of illegal harassment are covered, our focus is on respect and consideration for others. The scenarios are meant to prevent unwelcome behavior BEFORE it escalates out of control.

Our goals with this new program are to improve behavior overall, encourage communication, and help create workplaces that are respectful, productive—and harassment-free! Available in Three Versions for DVD or Online Training:

  • Employee - Helps employees recognize what kind of behavior is not appropriate in the workplace and how each individual can contribute to an atmosphere that is better for everyone.
  • Manager – Shows managers how to prevent harassment in their workgroup and the need to respond promptly and appropriately if a problem does occur.
  • California Manager – Can be used as a component of a two-hour class led by a qualified trainer to meet the standards of California AB 1825 and 2053.

[CC] Closed Captioned

Format: DVD

Duration: 18 Minutes

Supporting Materials

  • Study Guide: (1 Included Free with DVD Purchase) - This 34-page booklet reinforces the scenes, terms, and concepts covered in the video. Get examples of workplace harassment, and learn about effective anti-harassment policies. Includes pre- and post-test.
  • Trainer's Manual: This 64-page manual includes a sample harassment prevention policy, sign-up sheet, and certificate of completion,. each of which may be photocopied and distributed to your Learners. It also contains extra content for Trainers, detailed answers to quiz questions, and is designed to be used along with the training video to help facilitators present a professional harassment training session.


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