Safety Culture Shape-Up: Proven Tactics to Boost Employee Engagement and Avoid OSHA Violations - Webinar On-Demand

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Even the most valiant efforts to develop a world-class safety program won’t go far if your safety culture is weak. A weak safety culture will result in increased workplace injuries and claims, higher experience modification rates, increased OSHA violations, and higher workers’ compensation insurance costs, not to mention the harm to employee morale and productivity.

There is good news, though. Attitudes among employees about safety can always be improved. Use this in-depth webinar on-demand to learn how to assess your safety culture, make it stronger, and even document your success to demonstrate your relevancy in the field of workplace safety to higher-ups.

Lawrence Young, a seasoned safety professional and owner of Safe-Risk LLC, will teach you how to assess existing levels of employee involvement in your safety program, how to decide on and prioritize approaches for increasing involvement, and how to ensure that your process results in long term employee engagement in safety.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Quickly assess the fundamental elements of a healthy safety program in which employees are actively participating and engaged
  • Determine current levels of employee involvement and engagement, identify gaps that need to be addressed, and prioritize the most important changes necessary to get your safety culture on track
  • Engage everyone to improve the safety culture of your organization
  • Use proven tools and approaches that involve the entire workforce in setting goals for future successful engagement and participation in the safety program
  • Establish a process for measuring progress in employee engagement and involvement in a way that provides useful feedback for senior management, middle management, supervisors and employees
  • And more!

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