Preventing and Managing Computer Related Injuries DVD

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How can you do something about computer-related injuries, yet still get your job done? Experts at Stanford explain the small changes that, put together, can add up to significant protection. Learn specific tips that make your chair more comfortable, provide for proper monitor and keyboard placement—even "do's and don'ts" for pain-free mousing.

Highlights of this office ergonomics video:

    • Explains what a CTD is, and risk factors that can be controlled.
    • Seven hints to make your chair more comfortable; eight suggestions for maintaining keyboard comfort; five recommendations for proper monitor placement.
  • Six exercises that can help protect the hands, wrists and forearms; nine exercises for the neck and shoulders; and four exercises for the eyes.

You'll learn exercises and stretches that can help protect the hands, wrists, forearms, neck, shoulders, and eyes. You'll find that doing these exercises takes just minutes per day—but makes a big difference in being able to do your job well and comfortably, day after day. 

Duration: 27 Minutes 

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