OSHA 300 Recordkeeping: Avoiding Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Mistakes and Hefty Fines - Webinar On-Demand

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OSHA has been actively seeking out employers who improperly record injury and illness data through recordkeeping inspections. OSHA may propose penalties of up to $70,000 for each willful violation, and when a willful violation is deemed to be ‘egregious’ then OSHA can apply willful violation limits for every violation found or for every employee affected. 

Given the complexity of OSHA recordkeeping regulations, there’s a real risk that organizations will be cited for willful or repeat violations. Proactive employers should learn from existing recordkeeping mistakes and develop a plan for avoiding them and staying in compliance with OSHA. 

Use this on-demand webinar, when our presenter, a skilled OSHA attorney, will provide a tested process for evaluating your company’s existing recordkeeping program and ensure it’s fully compliant with OSHA recordkeeping requirements and could withstand scrutiny in the event of an OSHA inspection. 

You’ll learn: 

  • An overview of the vital OSHA recordkeeping forms, including OSHA 300 (log of work-related injury and illnesses), OSHA 301 (injury and illness incident report), and OSHA 300A (annual summary of work-related injuries and illnesses) 
  • 5 basic steps for properly recording injuries and illnesses 
  • Essential terms to master your understanding of, including: 
    •  injury 
    •  illness 
    •  work-related 
    •  geographic presumption 
    •  significant aggravation 
    •  new case 
    •  First aid vs. medical treatment 
  • The general recording criteria categories and recently revised reporting requirements 
  • How to avoid the most common OSHA injury and illness and recordkeeping mistakes 
  • What’s recordable and what’s not 
  • Best Practices for updating and maintaining your OSHA records 
  • How to conduct an OSHA recordkeeping audit 
  • Recordkeeping regulatory changes expected in 2016 

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