Incident Investigation - Video

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As long as people work, there will be safety-related incidents and near misses. But those incidents can be used to make the workplace safer if they are investigated, analyzed, and corrected to prevent their recurrence. This course discusses reasons for incident investigations, the phases of an incident investigation, team leader responsibilities, and who comprises the investigation team. It then provides information on best practices for interviewing witnesses, determining the root cause of an incident, and corrective and follow-up actions. 

Topics Covered:

  • State the reasons and importance of conducting incident investigations 
  • State the three phases of an incident investigation 
  • Define "root cause" 
  • State the responsibilities of an incident investigation team leader 
  • List methods for obtaining facts and avoiding blame when speaking to witnesses 
  • State the primary objectives of an incident investigation team 
  • Identify methods for determining the causes of an incident 
  • List some long term corrective actions to prevent incidents from occurring in the future

34 Minutes (21 min. video + 13 min. test)

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