Hazardous Waste Container Management - Guide Book

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An updated version of this book is now available!

When EPA and state inspectors come to your facility one of the first items they check is the condition of your hazardous waste containers. Following the myriad of federal requirements? If not, you face civil penalties of up to $32,500 a day you are not in compliance!

This guide explains the federal hazardous waste container management rules applicable to both TSDFs storing hazwaste in containers and generators accumulating hazwaste on-site in containers. It also addresses how to determine if a container is empty, the applicability of the air emissions control standards, and satellite accumulation by generators. In addition to explaining the federal standards, the guide addresses the standards of all 50 states.

BLR's Guide to Hazardous Waste Container Management includes:

  • Analysis of the regulatory requirements for managing containers on the federal level and in all 50 states
  • Compliance tips
  • Tools including inspection checklists and applicability charts
  • Common questions and answers
  • A model employee container management training lesson plan and quiz
  • A practical, affordable resource to significantly prevent facing civil fines
  • Full text of the hazardous waste regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations


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