Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge - DVD Training

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Forklift training in a hazard perception challenge style.

  • Helps satisfy the training requirements of OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178)
  • Helps with forklift certification and keeps operators in compliance
  • Provides forklift training that is a logical bridge between required classroom safety training and performance-based safety training
  • Can also be used to for required refresher training after a forklift accident
  • Main Program features scenarios shot in warehouses, yards and loading docks in a variety of workplaces, to best represent the situations that cause forklift operators the most trouble, including:
    • Keeping the forklift and load stable
    • Dealing with pedestrians and co-workers
    • Traveling on ramps, with or without a load
    • Backing in tight areas
    • Handling corners and intersections
    • Working in trailers
    • Operating with an obstructed view
    • Keeping all body parts in the protective frame
    • Traveling with or without a load
    • Inattentive driving
    • Placing loads
    • Mounting freight elevators
    • Crossing railroad tracks
    • Overhead hazards
    • Using attachments
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
  • 2014 Bronze Telly Award Winner

Program Components

  • (1) Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge training DVD - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.
  • (1) Trainer Guide (not sold separately) - Provides basic information and guidelines trainers need to present forklift hazard perception training. 
  • (10) Video Scenario Answer Form - Product Code: 28159 (920-F) - For forklift operators to record answers while watching the training video.
  • (10) Quick Reference Cards - Product Code: 28156 (301-BC) - Convenient, easy reference to help reinforce training.
  • (1) Trainer Tools CD-ROM - Features a hazard perception challenge style PowerPoint® presentation, an alternate quiz and answer key, problem solving scenarios that require even more critical thinking from forklift operators, a certificate of completion that can be personalized and printed, clip art, posters and a training log to help keep track of attendance.

Training DVD Menu

  • Play Program - Plays entire main program (running time: approx. 50 minutes)
  • Scenario Segments - Allows easy access to specific segments for more focused training.
    • Introduction
      • Forklift accidents aren't funny
      • Good hazard perception skills can help prevent most forklift accidents
      • This program will use a series of scenarios to challenge your hazard perception skills
    • Segment 1
      • Scenario 1.1 (No pre-shift inspection; no seatbelt)
      • Scenario 1.2 (Following a forklift too closely; approaching an intersection incorrectly)
      • Scenario 1.3 (Using a cell phone while operating a forklift)
      • Scenario 1.4 (Not wearing any PPE when adding water to a battery)
      • Scenario 1.5 (Backing up to coworkers who are standing in front of a fixed object)
      • Scenario 1.6 (Passing another forklift at an intersection)
      • Scenario 1.7 (Placing a body part outside the confines of the forklift)
      • Scenario 1.8 (A coworkers walking under loaded forks)
      • Scenario 1.9 (Traveling around a corner too quickly with an unsecured load)
      • Scenario 1.10 (Using wrong type of forklift to lift a person, and not using fall protection)
    • Segment 2
      • Scenario 2.1 (Pedestrians approaching forklift incorrectly; driving up and down ramps incorrectly; horseplay; driving over garbage; approaching an intersection incorrectly; placing a pallet in a rack incorrectly)
      • Scenario 2.2 (Being distracted by a coworker while placing a load)
      • Scenario 2.3 (Driving incorrectly on a ramp with an empty attachment)
      • Scenario 2.4 (Boarding a freight elevator incorrectly)
      • Scenario 2.5 (Crossing railroad tracks incorrectly)
    • Segment 3
      • Scenario 3.1 (Parking in front of a door; not wearing a seatbelt; not using a proper dismount; not lowering the forks or setting the parking brake when off the forklift; backing out of a tight space incorrectly; raising the forks too high when traveling; driving over puddles; leaving a forklift unattended incorrectly; not checking to make sure a flatbed trailer is properly secured before loading)
      • Scenario 3.2 (Not preparing for overhead obstacles properly)
      • Scenario 3.3 (Not using obstructed view safety precautions)
      • Scenario 3.4 (Letting a pedestrian ride on the forks)
      • Scenario 3.5 (Not using your other senses - hearing, touch, smell) to detect hazards
    • Conclusion - Ultimately, it's up to you to keep you safe!
  • Bonus Materials - Total running time: approximately 28 minutes
    • Quiz (running time: approx. 10 minutes)
    • Note to Trainers (running time: approx. 5 minutes)
    • Previews (running time: approx. 13 minutes)
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