Food Service Safety Set - DVD

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This set includes three food service safety titles that teach employees how to be conscientious when working in the kitchen.

Avoiding Kitchen Burns 

Kitchen personnel will learn how to:

  • Identify the causes of most common kitchen burn accidents
  • Use precautions with steaming pots and steam and electrical equipment.
  • Properly position pot handles on stoves.
  • Extinguish kitchen fires.
  • Prevent hot grease injuries.

Preventing Falls and Strains in the Kitchen 

All food handlers and managers will learn:

  • Correct lifting procedures to minimize injury.
  • Proper methods of cleaning spills.
  • Correct way to use stepladders to prevent falls.

Safe Handling of Kitchen Tools and Machinery 

Kitchen personnel will learn:

  • Safe handling of kitchen knives.
  • How to safely wash and store knives.
  • How to properly clean and maintain machines.
  • Immediate first aid treatment for cuts.

Each of the three food service safety training videos runs 10 minutes.

Format: DVD

Length: 30-Minutes

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