Food Industry Security Awareness: First Line of Defense Training Program

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Help prepare every plant and warehouse employee for the new challenges of food security.

  • Reinforces the importance of food security awareness in all phases of product handling, from receiving ingredients to processing and shipping
  • Allows you to have an immediate impact on plant security with very little time or resources while helping maximize the effectiveness of your overall security investment
  • Covers the following:
    • Examples of everyday scenarios, from product handling to shipping
    • Interviews with industry leaders in food security, including AIB representatives
    • Consistency with key USDA and FDA recommendations
  • DVD-based training helps every employee hear a consistent message about security so no critical information is overlooked
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired

Program Components

  • (1) 22-Minute DVD - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels.
  • (1) Trainer's Guide (not sold separately) - Provides you with background information and training tips to make the most of each training session.
  • (2) Awareness Posters - Product Codes: 11097 (780-VTP-A), 11096 (780-VTP-B) - Hang in a break room or training area to remind employees of the importance of the topic.

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program - Plays entire main program.
  • Chapter Selections - Access chapters by topic.
    • Introduction - Discusses food tampering, theft, loss of company secrets and how food security practices can prevent them.
    • Visitors - Covers the red flags: no visible ID, no escort, camera use, a visitor separated from a plant tour.
    • Receiving - Covers the red flags: unexpected deliveries, broken or altered seals, order discrepancies, altered shipping documents, damaged or altered packaging. (Includes two hazard perception scenarios with answers.)
    • Storage - Covers the red flags: unlocked doors, unauthorized personnel, misplaced supplies, damaged or altered boxes or tags. (Includes a hazard perception scenario with answer.)
    • Laboratories - Covers authorized personnel and their responsibilities.
    • Chemicals - Covers the red flags: chemicals that aren’t stored correctly, missing chemical supplies, unauthorized personnel in the storage area, unlocked storage areas. (Includes a hazard perception scenario with answer.)
    • Production - Covers the red flags when working on a processing or packaging line: missing or extra ingredients, missing or altered labels or packaging, missing tools or knives, missing boxes or pallets of product. (Includes a hazard perception scenario with answer.)
    • Shipping - Covers the red flags: debris or residue in trailers, containers or boxcars prior to loading, broken locks on trailers, etc., improper paperwork. (Includes a hazard perception scenario with answer.)
    • Suspicious Activity - Emphasizes that before you can spot suspicious activity, you have to know the routines of your workplace. (Includes three hazard perception scenarios with answers.)
    • Recalls - Discusses how recalls occur and how devastating they can be to a company’s customers and business.
    • Conclusion - Reiterates that the employees role in food security is invaluable.
  • Checklist – Increases understanding and retention.
  • Review – Provides a quick way to refresh memory on key points of the program to better aid retention.
  • Message for Management – Gives introduction to the training program and topic for trainers/management.
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