First Aid-Seizures - Video

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A seizure is caused when there is sudden, abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Causes of seizures include diseases, such as epilepsy, brain injuries, fever, and reactions to drugs. Although most seizures are brief and cause no lasting harm, some seizures may be prolonged, presenting both immediate danger and long-term effects. In this course, you’ll learn about the symptoms and causes of seizures as well as first aid to provide a person experiencing a seizure. 

Topics Covered:

  • Explain what a seizure is 
  • List some causes of seizures 
  • List three general sets of symptoms associated with seizures 
  • Explain how to help or provide first aid for a seizure, depending on the set of symptoms 
  • Explain when to summon emergency medical care when someone is having a seizure

18 Minutes (11 min. video + 7 min. test)

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