First Aid-Eye Injuries - Video

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A person’s eye can be injured easily while on the job. As a result, safety glasses or similar eye and face protection is important when appropriate. In addition, however, workers should know how to provide first aid for eye injuries suffered at work. This course covers first aid for eye injuries from chemicals, cuts and scratches, and for objects embedded in the eye, and provides general procedures for using safety showers and safety eyewashes. 

Topics Covered:

  • Explain the importance of wearing eye protection 
  • Explain what you should learn during hazard communication training, how it can help people avoid having eye injuries, and how it can help when there is an eye injury from a chemical exposure to the eye 
  • List three steps of providing first aid for eye injuries caused when chemicals contact the eye 
  • Explain how to use an emergency eye wash 
  • List some ways to flush chemicals from the eye when there are no eye washes available 
  • Explain how to provide first aid for cuts or scratches to the eye 
  • Explain how to provide first aid when a person has an object embedded in their eyeball

24 Minutes (15 min. video + 9 min. test)

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