First Aid-Bleeding Emergencies - Video

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There are certain cases when a person is bleeding that are always emergencies. These include extreme blood loss, amputations, abdominal evisceration wounds, sucking chest wounds, and internal bleeding. This course explains the importance of calling for emergency medical assistance in these situations and lists the appropriate steps of first aid to provide.

Topics Covered:

  • Explain the importance of calling for emergency medical care if someone is bleeding severely 
  • Explain the importance of protecting yourself before you provide first aid to a person who's bleeding severely 
  • List items to use for your protection while providing first aid to a person who is bleeding 
  • Define the terms "amputation," "abdominal evisceration wound," "sucking chest wound," and internal bleeding 
  • List signs and symptoms for a sucking chest wound and internal bleeding 
  • List first aid steps for severe bleeding, amputation, abdominal evisceration wound, impaled objects, sucking chest wound, and internal bleeding

32 Minutes (20 Min. video + 12 min. test)

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