Extreme College Survival Kit

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Even if your college student daughter or son, is away at school on a safe campus, with good campus security, you never know when an unexpected or freakish event can take place. Just one time, she is walking at night, by herself, and this happens to be the same night that a car full of thugs decides to drive through the campus, and quickly steal some pocketbooks from co-eds they see walking alone. If she has a self-defense pepper spray, not only will they NOT get her purse, but she just might "ruin their night" before escaping to safety.

The SafeFamilyLife™ Extreme College Survival Kit is specifically structured to make a young woman’s life safer at college.

From the infrared room alarm, to a door stop alarm, to a book diversion safe to hide her valuables, she will be safer in the dorm room. As far as anywhere around campus or around town, her personal safety can be ensured with self-defense pepper sprays and an electronic whistle.

Plus this awesome kit includes an instruction manual with specific instructions for each product included in the kit and also a DVD that demonstrates each product for you. This is very comprehensive and convenient, and it offers the "peace of mind" that many parents need when their little princess, or prince, goes off to college.

Your Extreme College Survival Kit includes the following products:

  • Lipstick Pepper Spray (1)
  • Nap Alarm (1)
  • ½ oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip (1)
  • 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount (1)
  • ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Keychain (1)
  • Diversion Safe – Book (1)
  • Electronic Pocket Whistle (1)
  • Door Stop Alarm (1)
  • Cell Phone Lite (1)
  • Motion Alert Alarm (1)
  • All batteries included
  • Products Instructional Manual

That’s Not All…

These reports are designed to keep young women safe at college and are a great resource for making their lives safer and more secure.

  • College And Campus Safety Tips
  • College Rape Report
  • How To Secure Your Dorm or Apartment
  • Roommates
  • Safe Dating
  • Tools Parents Can Use To Prepare Their Kid For College

PLUS…a Product Instructional DVD
Each product is demonstrated for you. Quickest way for you to learn to use the safety products.

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