Escape Respirators and SCSRs Video

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A respirator is a piece of personal protective equipment that guards the user against hazards in the air. There are many types of respirators and each type protects its user from a specific airborne hazard. Escape respirators allow a person who works in a normally safe environment enough time to escape if a respiratory hazard suddenly occurs. This course will discuss the different types of hazardous atmospheres that require escape respirators, how to select, inspect, and put on a self-contained self-rescuer, also called an SCSR, as well as how to use an SCSR. 

Topics Covered:

  • Explain what an escape respirator is 
  • List the two main types of escape respirators 
  • Explain typical hazardous atmospheres that call for escape respirators 
  • Explain what a self-contained self-rescuer is 
  • Explain how to select an appropriate escape respirator 
  • List the items to look for when inspecting a self- contained self-rescuer 
  • List in order the steps to properly don a self-contained self-rescuer 
  • List factors to consider when using a self-contained self-rescuer

Based on:

  • 30 CFR Part 46.5.c.1

32 Minutes (20 min. video + 12 min. test)

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