Distracted Driving (Safety Video)

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Distracted Driving program provides logical and factual information to help you make better driving decisions. There are three main types of distraction: Visual - taking your eyes off the road, Manual - taking your hands off the wheel, Cognitive – taking your mind off what you're doing. Distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that has the potential to distract him or her from the primary task of driving and increase the risk of crashing. While all distractions can endanger drivers' safety, texting is the most alarming because it involves all three types of distraction. This training video demonstrates distracted driving and the consequences of such actions. Driver distraction could present a serious and potentially deadly danger. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in U.S. roadways and an estimated additional 448,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes that were reported to have involved distracted driving. Distracted driving comes in various forms, such as cell phone use, texting while driving, eating, drinking, talking with passengers, as well as using in-vehicle technologies and portable electronic devices. An important addition to your Defensive Driving library.

Runtime: 19 Min.

The CD-ROM of written materials may include: Leaders Guides, Questions & Answers, Manuals, and Power Points. 

Contents vary depending on program.


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