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A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of a person's major life activities. Employers often struggle with how to respond and cope with workers with disabilities, but learning the basics about etiquette, as well as rights and responsibilities as outlined by the American Disabilities Act, or ADA, can make the situation better for everyone. This course describes the ADA, the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities, types of disabilities, reasonable accommodations, interviewing and etiquette, as well as how to prevent and deal with discrimination. 

Topics Covered:

  • Describe the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act 
  • Differentiate between types of disabilities 
  • Identify an employer's rights and responsibilities regarding employees with disabilities
  • Define the concepts of reasonable accommodations and undue hardship 
  • Identify the do's and don'ts about interviewing applicants with disabilities
  • Describe the proper etiquette to use when working and communicating with workers with disabilities 
  • Describe how to prevent discrimination, as well as how to deal with it if it does occur

Based on:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Title I and Title V

31 Minutes (19 min. video + 12 min. test)

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