Confined Space Entry-Permit Required Video

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A confined space is defined as a work area which has sufficient space for a person to fit within and perform work, limited means of entry and exit, and a design that was not intended for continuous worker occupancy. Working in a confined space can present hazardous atmospheres and physical dangers to employees. There are two types of confined spaces: Non-permit Required Confined Spaces and Permit-required Confined Spaces. This course will describe the dangers, best practices, and permit requirements necessary when working in a permit-required confined space.

Topics Covered:

  • Describe Non-Permit and Permit-Required confined spaces
  • Identify specific hazards that exist within confined spaces
  • Identify procedures used to minimize confined space hazards
  • Describe the job roles and responsibilities involved in confined space entry
  • Describe the required contents of a Confined Space Permit

Based on:

29 CFR 1910.146

40 Minutes  (25 min. video + 15 min. test)

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